Felicitations to Kami Rita Sherpa and Collaboration on his Everest Story Trek 2019

21st Ashad 2075
Press Realease
Felicitations to Kami Rita Sherpa and Collaboration on his Everest Story Trek 2019

We are organizing an Everest Story Trek 2019 led by Kami Rita Sherpa, Nepali Sherpa guide who achieved the record for 22nd successful ascents to the summit of Mount Everest. Therefore, to support this indomitable energy of successful summiteer Kami Rita, Brij Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. and Pushpa Tara Kedia Foundation are coming together. Successful Mt. Everest ascender Kami Rita Sherpa, in the coming year of 2019, is planning to travel with a purpose of collecting stories about Himalayan settlements around Mt. Everest. Identifying area specific stories on the cultural, economic, social, and fundamental aspect of Sherpa community around Everest will be the main objective of this journey. Stories with regards to pollution, waste management, climate change around Everest region and their impact on the tourism business, local settlement will be collected and analyzed.

The program will feature Stories of reconstruction after Earthquake of April 25th 2015. Along with use of modern technology for story telling, mapping and Street View campaign will be commenced with collaboration with Story Cycle.

Kami Rita Sherpa, also shared that he will contribute for the upliftment of Sherpa community settled around in Everest region. Along with promotion of Sagarmatha, he also expressed his desire to work for environment conservation along with traditions and culture together to welcome the tourists from every corner of the world.

Kami Rita Sherpa is a brand ambassador for Brij Super Premium OPC cements produced by Brij Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. the organization have always honored him as our country’s indomitable energy. In a specially organized event of co-operation, Chairman of the Puspatara Kedia Service Foundation and Managing Director of Brij Cement Industries Pvt. Mr. Manoj Kedia extended his congratulation and best wishes to Kami Rita Sherpa for his great campaign. Mr. Kedia also assured that within institutional social responsibility there always will be collaboration for such of activities. And further extended it was a well pleased moment to collaborate with Kami Rita Sherpa, a national prestige and rising energy He also added Kedia Organization was determined to assist in the direction of development and prosperity of Nepal.